Make every guest experience amazing in just a few simple steps.

Getting started

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Your survey and invite card will be ready in seconds. You decide what gift your guests receive in exchange for their feedback. Popular options include a free drink or 10% off on the next visit.

Inviting your guests to share feedback

Guests scan your invite card to start the survey on their phone. Alternatively, you can present the survey on your own device

Completing the survey takes 1 minute. Positive guests are prompted to share their feedback on Google. It's a great way to capture feedback and boost your online reputation at the same time.

Learn what makes your guests happy

All your guest feedback shows up in an easy-to-use dashboard. See how your restaurant performs, understand which waiters do well and directly contact guests to learn more.

Acting on guest feedback will help you further improve guest experiences over time.

Redeem gift vouchers

Guests receive a gift voucher via email upon survey completion. To redeem it, simply scan the voucher code with any phone or tablet. No software needed. Your employees can also see what feedback the guest provided and follow up on any compliments or suggestions.

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Discover the benefits of Premium and Enterprise

Understand staff performance
Include staff ratings in your guest
survey and learn how your staff performs.
More and better reviews
Prompt positive guests to share their
review on Google
Compare performance across venues
Compare multiple venues and keep
track of performance outliers